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Copper Buffalo EDC Fidget Spinner

Copper Buffalo EDC Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are all the rage so we decided to do our own rendition.  Made from solid Tellurium Copper round bar, these are 100% hand machined on manually operated equipment.  Two Buffalo Nickels are pressed into the buttons, one heads and one tails, which really compliment the copper and give this a nice vintage feel.  Being copper, this will also develop a nice patina over time.  

The bearing is anything but vintage.  Costing more than many other complete fidget spinners, we are using a full ceramic 608 bearing with silicon nitride balls and ZrO2 inner and outer races.  However, these are not designed to be record-setting spinners.  The mass of the spinner is more centrally located, and it is lighter than most machined spinners.  And frankly, we could care less about "spin times" - we wanted to design something with a classy, vintage look and feel that will age over time and that you'll enjoy carrying with you, not something that you need a stopwatch and video camera to enjoy. 

Dimensions: 1.5" spinner diameter /1" button diameter.  ~.625" thick   

Weighs about 3.2oz/93 grams

Available in both a knurled edge and a smooth edge.