Custom Projects

We love doing one-off, custom projects!  We've done several for friends, family, and customers.  We are also happy to customize any of our existing products for you for little to no charge depending on the changes - just get in contact with us!

Here are a few custom builds we've done:

Light Saber Prop Replica

This was done for Chris' son's 6th birthday and is a replica of Luke Skywalker's light saber in Return of the Jedi.  It is made from 6061 aluminum and 360 brass and is comprised of 9 separate pieces.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Prop Replica


.50 Caliber Mini Cannon

This was a custom project done for one of team, who is also a firearms enthusiast.  The wooden carriage ended up taking way longer to do than the actual cannon did.  It does fire using black powder and a .50 cal musket ball, and yes, it is LOUD!  It punched a clean hole in .750" pine with no problem.  The cannon is made from 1045 steel, the trunion caps from 6061 aluminum, and the carriage from oak.



Custom Cigar Tube

We did a couple of these cigar tubes as gifts for friends.  Both have cedar wood lined 6061 aluminum bodies with o-ring sealed brass end caps.  We put a humidifier in one end cap to keep that Cohiba on point!  One we did with a black anodized body and aged the end caps for an awesome look.


Steam Engine

This was done as a small project, just for fun.  Every piece was handmade was built over the course of many months in spare time, and it a work in progress.  It currently runs on compressed air, but we'd like to build a small boiler and see it actually run on steam.  We'd also like to build some small glass bubble oilers to keep everything lubricated.  It's pretty cool to hook it up to the air hose and watch it go - sounds neat too!  This engine was made from 1045 steel, 303 stainless steel, 360 brass, bronze, and 6061 aluminum and copper.  All parts except for some of the fasteners were all hand-machined.



Grappling Hooks

These grappling hooks are a fun project to do, and they are actually quite functional to have around in your camping gear, go bag, etc.  We made a number of these for a school project for a friend's son.  They are made from 7075 aluminum, with stainless steel 'hooks'.  The hooks are removable and can be stored inside the body.


Match Tube

We turned up a couple of these waterproof match tubes with a compass in the lid and some striker paper on the bottom of the lid.  Made from 1.25" diameter 6061 aluminum.


AR-15 Forward Assist

When shooting an AR-15 with a suppressor, your can often times end up with a face full of gas, due to the extra gas pressure the suppressor causes.  We made this replacement for the forward assist button in order to vent the excess gas away from the shooter's face.  It turned out pretty good and it does work, although the function of the forward assist is lost.  Made from 1018 steel, and then blackened to prevent corrosion and rust.  A groove for an o-ring was also added to seal it and force the gas through the vent hole.



These are just fun!

Hand machined gyroscope

Hand machined gyroscope


Wall Bracket Stand-offs for Artwork

These were made custom for a local guy the next town over from us.  His wife wanted a nice way to display some artwork in their home, and he came up with the CAD design and we built them.  We made 3 sets, 6 total brackets. These are made from 6061 aluminum and then black anodized with brass set screws to secure the artwork.