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3-Gimble Desktop Gyroscope

3-gimble desktop gyroscope

A customer was interested in a larger desktop gyroscope with 3 gimbles.  We made 3 of these, and they are super cool!

Completely hand machined from 6061 aluminum and 360 brass, these look great and are built to last a lifetime.

Utilizing 7 separate ball bearings, we've ensure that this gyro spins freely at each rotation point.  Measuring 5" in diameter the outer gimble is mounted to the stand on a bearing allowing it to swivel 360 degrees.  it can also be locked into place using the brass t-handle on the side.  The middle gimble measures 3.75" and the inner gimble measures 3" in diamter, with the brass rotor coming in at 2" diameter.  It also comes with a brass pull handle and several lengths of kevlar string to get it spinning.

We've also included a video one of our customer put together of the gyro we built for him.

 There is also a video series on the making of these gyros on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/motox4526

Height- ~11"

Weight - ~3.5 lbs

Width - 5"