Gyroscope - The Original Fidget Spinner!

Gyroscope - The Original Fidget Spinner!

The gyroscope was invented around the early 19th century and was originally used as a teaching aid, and later used by Leon Focault in an experiment to demonstrate the Earth's rotation.  Gyroscopes are currently used for navigation, aerial videography, accelerometers, and many other uses.

Our gyroscope is completely hand machined using an aluminum frame, brass rotor and screws and a stainless steel axle.  The adjustment screws have been tipped with stainless steel bearing races for durability and decreased friction.  The bearing surface is a simple needle point which has minimal contact area and when spinning, experiences very low drag and friction.  This type of bearing was chosen over a ball bearing to be more like what the original gyroscopes would have used.  However, being a less "accurate" bearing, there will be some minute movement of the axle that can produce some noise.  Note: the adjustment screw should NOT be tightened down - the axle should have a very minimal amount of play in order for the rotor to rotate freely and reduce wear.

The gyroscope comes with a brass base and small insert pin for use with the spin base.  A kevlar pull string and brass pull handle are also included.  Also included is a bit for a Dremel tool that can be used to spin up the gyroscope!

Rotor Diameter: 1.4".

Weight: ~140 grams

Height: 2.5"

You can watch a not-so-great video here.