Cigar Punch

Hand-crafted brass and aluminum cigar punch
Our hand-machined cigar punch is truly one-of-a-kind. This is not a cheap punch mass produced in a Chinese factory. Starting out as a solid piece of 3/4 inch brass round rod, this piece is machined on a manually operated lathe to produce a functional work of art. Weighing in at 62 grams, it has some weight that feels great in the hand.
We designed this punch to be both beautiful as well as functional. The punch is 10mm, is very sharp, and has a built in spring-loaded extractor made from polished 6061 aluminum. No more trying to dig out the punched-out material!
This item came about because my dad is into smoking cigars and I wanted to make a Father's Day gift for him that nobody else has and that will last a lifetime. He uses his daily and really likes the extractor.
This is a very unique piece that is a must have for any cigar aficionado as well as for the occasional cigar smoker who really appreciates a quality hand-crafted item.
These make GREAT Father's Day, Christmas and birthday gifts for dad, brother or husband.
1.950" long X .675" diameter
Weighs 62 grams
Made from 360 brass and 6061 aluminum.
Comes in a soft muslin drawstring bag.