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Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar

Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar

Get rid of those old range balls with our black powder golf ball mortar!  Machined from solid 2.5" 1018 steel round bar, the formidable barrel is complemented by an oak carriage with brass hardware.  Every part on this piece is completely hand made and not only makes for a great looking conversation piece for your office desk, but is also a completely functional mortar.  

We recommend that you use this as a display piece but if you did load it with a 120 grain charge of FFG black powder be sure to put on your hearing protection as well!




Barrel Diameter: 2.5"

Bore Diameter: 1.7"

Bore Length: 2.25"

Total Weight: ~5.3lb

Fuse Hole: .125" (1/8")

Max powder charge: 120 grains FFG/2F black powder.  DO NOT USE SMOKELESS POWDER!  The only substitute that can be used in place of black powder is something like Pyrodex or Hogdon Triple 7.  However we did not get good results with Pyrodex when testing unless we used a patch made from cutting an old tee-shirt to create a tight fit for the ball in the barrel.  We highly recommend using actual black powder such as Goex.  You can order black powder and fuse online from https://www.grafs.com.