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Eagle 66 Replica Oil Can

Eagle 66 Replica Oil Can

We grew tired of using the cheap "made in China" oil cans around the shop, so we made up some replicas of the Eagle Model 66 oil cans to use!  Not only are they very functional, but they look great as well.  We use ours for applying cutting oil, but they can be used to pump nearly any kind of oil.  How about olive oil in the kitchen?

Made up of 28 separate pieces, everything was hand machined in the shop except for the o-rings, springs and check balls.

The top cap, base, and valve body are made from 6061 aluminum, and the rest is made from brass.  The brass body was not machined on the outside, and potentially can have some scratches/marks on it, as it has the surface finish from the supplier.

Body Diameter - 2"

Base Diameter - 3"

Height - 5.75"

Weight - ~1.3 lbs

Spout Length - 5"