The FlatTop - Magnum EDC Spinning Top

The FlatTop - Magnum EDC Spinning Top
The FlatTop is a stemless EDC spinning top hand machined from solid metal that feels great in your hand, and is comfortable in your pocket!
We are offering this unique version of the brass FlatTop with an actual 158 grain .38 caliber flat point bullet pressed into the bottom of the top and an actual spent .357 case head pressed into the top surface!  This is a very unique top that also makes for a great spinner.  Because this version of the FlatTop has a higher center of gravity, you're not going to get the same spin times as the standard brass FlatTop, but where it lacks in long spin times it really makes up in character!
We've had some custom FlatTop boxes and information cards made up.  If you are getting your FlatTop as a gift, it will come nicely packaged and ready to wrap!
Comes in a soft muslin drawstring bag and with an included polishing kit.
1.5" in diameter