Teetotum | Gambling Top - Small Brass

Put and Take Teetotum Brass Gambling Top

Each of our gambling teetotums are hand turned from a solid brass hex bar making each one unique.  The top is stamped, oxidized and then buffed with steel wool to lighten up the high spots.

Manually machined from 1/2" solid brass hex and tipped with a silicon nitride ball bearing.  These can be spun as tops on a smooth surface with a little practice, but are designed to have a short spin time to keep the game moving.

Comes in a soft muslin drawstring bag with three custom coasters.

The game:  Put & Take is a game that’s been around for generations and is fairly simple to play.  

Every one antes into the pot, then you take turns spinning the top and follow the directions for the side it lands on:
"P1" - Put 1: The spinner puts (pays) 1 into the pot. 
"P2" - Put 2: The spinner puts (pays) 2 into the pot. 
"T1" - Take 1: The spinner takes (gets paid) 1 from the pot. 
"T2" - Take 2: The spinner takes (gets paid) 2 from the pot.
"AP" - All Pay: All the players must put 1 into the pot. 
"TA" - Take All:
 The spinner wins the whole pot! 
After someone wins the pot, everyone antes back up and the top gets passed to the next player to spin.

The lettering on the top is also punched by hand, so it may vary from the pictures. Note, these WILL take some practice to get them spinning. Some people will get it first time, others will take longer, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to get it standing up and spinning!