July 23, 2016 Chris Butterfield


Welcome to our store!

We've added a couple of new products that we think you will really enjoy!  

Be sure to check our our new Fire Piston, which a a great addition to any avid camper, hiker or outdoor lover's pack.  If you're not familiar with the Fire Piston, it is a very useful tool for starting fires that has been in use for hundreds of years.  It uses the simple fact that when a gas is compressed it heats up to ignite a tinder such as charcloth.  A quick stroke of the Fire Piston will compress and heat the air inside of it to over 500 degrees F for a fraction of a second before the heat dissipates into the surrounding metal, but still long enough to give you a glowing charcloth ember which you can then transfer to some kindling to get a fire going.

Our Fire Piston is completely handmade on a manual lathe from solid aluminum, brass and  stainless steel round bar.  We can also build in a ferrocerium rod and striker for an additional option for starting a fire.  For the lanyard we have decided to use the awesome 550 FireCord from Live Fire Gear.  If you haven't seen their products, be sure to check them out!

Thanks, and have a good one!


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